Welcome to VPAR Belgium

VPAR is the world’s most powerful live golf scoring system. The VPAR interactive, game-changing technology provides players with a real-time leaderboard on the golf course, in the clubhouse and live online. Capturing all the excitement and adrenaline of the game on easy-to-use handheld scorepads, players can track their progress, check out the competition, and see what’s happening elsewhere on the course – live, as the excitement unfolds.

VPAR provides the scoring for over 550 events worldwide each year ranging from Charity Events, Corporate Outings, Club Tournament Events, Pro-Amateur and Pro Am tournaments.

VPAR is a unique way of differentiating your golf day, attracting new customers and adding an exciting dimension for existing players. Get in touch to find out how you can create the ultimate golf experience at your next golf day

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Email: jan.baert@vpar.com

Where To Use VPAR

On The Course

Using unique handheld scorepads, players can track their progress through live leaderboards, enabling them to check out the competition, plan their strategy and see what’s happening elsewhere on the course, as the game unfolds.

In The Clubhouse

All the action is also broadcast live on VPAR’s interactive touchscreens, as well as the club’s own screens, in the clubhouse. Build up the tension and track your competitors, in real-time, as you wait to find out your final position.

And Online

Spectators can even browse the scores live online, as well as viewing information and statis­tics before, during and after the event. Engaging an online audience creates further exposure, extending the reach of the event and adding value to sponsors.

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